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  Founded in 2020, Acengeers Inc is a Canadian company primarily focusing on Students & Newcomers to Canada. Acengeers was an idea that came up in the minds of three Engineers who were clueless about the overwhelming pace and vast life opportunities around them during their initial days in this great Country.

     This Idea then grew up into a company that is determined in making changes in the life of Newbies coming to Canada through their individual experiences & difficulties they have been through, to facilitate smooth transitioning to the new culture and open the vast possibilities of the International market.

        At Acengeers, we provide a one-stop solution for your accommodation needs in Canada. With our collaboration with landlords throughout the country, we are currently assisting clients from around the globe to avoid the additional expenses associated with finding a new home or temporary housing on their move along with guiding them to identify their core value and true potential for society by helping them in each phase of their life in Canada until they are successful and self-Sufficient. 

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Anashwar Parayil



Mohammed Roshan



Joyel Joseph


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